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Pricing Model



Costs are calculated by three basic units:

Remark: Storage cost is based on the difference between your instance and its initial states. An initial instance is calculated as 0 storage.

Cost is separated into two parts: continuous costs and task costs

Continuous Cost (per hour)

Continuous cost is related to instance's status:


Task Cost

The following tasks have extra cost per-execution:



There are two kinds of assets: free quota and balances

Free quota points

Free quota has no expiration date and will be consumed with priority.

Balance points

Balance is composed by items. Each item has its points value and expiration time. If no free quota is left, the balance with the nearest expiration time will be consumed with priority.



Free quota is replenished at a constant rate and is capped to a max value. The replenish rate and the cap value are based on user's contribution level.

Cost Control Triggers

There are two automatic triggers

Auto Stop Trigger

When the free quota has negative value (which also means there is no balance items at all), the running instance will be stopped automatically.

Auto Remove Trigger

When the free quota is less than -100, the instances will be removed.