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Contribution Model


The service that we are providing needs a lot of financial support, that's why we have built this contribution model.

In another hand, the service is designed to be used by everyone, even by those who have limited financial capacity. That's why the site name is called s4hana.ME

Contribution Points / Contribution Level Points

Contribution Points are consumed to cover the service cost.

Contribution Level Points define the free quota replenish speed and the max quota value.

The general rule is 1000 contribution points + 10 contribution level points = 1 €

Contribution Level Points (CLP) and Advantages:

CBL Level Replenish Max Quota
0-50 Basic 0.1 500
50-200 Bronze 0.2 600
200-800 Silver 0.4 700
800-3200 Gold 0.8 850
3200- Platinum 1.2- 1000-

Contribution by Mining

As the service is not expensive, it is possible to cover the cost by mining Monero with any CPU. At the time of writing this help, 1 day's mining with a decent PC can cover 1 hour's usage of ECC instance.

Contribution by Paypal

If mining seems to be a little complex to you, it is also possible to contribute by using Paypal, but it won't be a free solution.